Helium East – building wider connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Representing the East of England in The People’s Network

IoT devices such as smart phones, eScooters, air quality monitors, smart gadgets and even pet collars need a global internet service called long range connectivity (LoRa) to work at full capacity. Devices that use IoT technology are often stuck on short range home WiFi networks so they cannot be used out of the home. The Helium network - also known as ‘The People’s Network’ - aims to provide all smart devices with much wider connectivity. Helium East needs your help to make that happen.

So How Does It Work?

Helium hotspots i.e. Helium boxes provide the wireless network coverage that IoT devices need, and once they are installed, The People’s Network is in place. We are looking for hosts for these boxes in the East in order to grow the network in our area and better connect East Anglia. When Helium boxes are placed 350m to 800m apart from each other, ideally on clear, high ground, the devices communicate with each other using a free to use radio frequency (868mhz), making a mesh network.

This mesh network can be tapped into by various smart devices, providing a mainframe of comms for all manner of essential and business activities. A hotspot requires a location or host such as a business premises or a home, as the boxes will need to be connected to the location’s existing WiFi network and powered. Once connected, the Helium Hotspots automatically monitor their coverage though the proof of coverage mechanism (PoC), and as such, create earnings for being in use.

Where Does Money Come In?

Hosts get paid for their role in having these hotspots on their property, as well as powering and enabling them to connect to their WiFi. This offers a unique opportunity to make a passive income from what is basically, just doing nothing. Payment is made by calculating a share of Helium Network Tokens (HNT) per month or can be converted to cash (in £s), as payment for your hosting. At a minimum we estimate you will earn enough to cover your internet bill each month and we quite often send payments of £100 per box per month! In some cases where the location is very optimal, it can be even more.

What Does The Install Look Like?

You could compare the installation process to having Sky TV put in for you at home. We agree a location for an antenna on your property, as high as we can, then for free we install a pole or identify an existing antenna mount. In a lot of cases, a small waterproof box is then installed on that mount or pole, which contains the box / Helium hotspot.

We then carefully connect this up internally to your power and internet sources. In other locations we may install the small hotspot indoors and run the aerial cable outside. This is dependent on location and after discussion with yourself to agree the most suitable solution.

Running the box will cost only around 3p per day (5-10W), which will be much less than you can expect to earn by running the hotspot. We take care to make sure the installation is quick, quiet and unintrusive; you will barely notice a difference, especially with most of the equipment out on the roof.

Earn Money

Earn money each month, with no cost or effort needed from yourself!
  • Payment types

    Choose to be paid in HNT cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin) or £ via a quick bank transfer. Don’t forget: with cryptocurrencies, the possibility of the price going up is real.

  • Types of Technology

    Helium hotspots / boxes come in different shapes and sizes, though they are all very low power (5-10W) so are exceptionally cheap to run (~3p per day). They require very little maintenance. All of these devices provide coverage for The People’s Network and gets rewarded with HNT, a token as payment though the proof of coverage system. This HNT can then be exchanged in the real world for ££ money. Sign up to host a hotspot, free of charge, and make money for doing nothing!

  • No Commitment

    90 days after the hotspot is installed we will contact you and check you’re happy. If the earnings work for you and you are satisfied with the arrangement, the box can stay in place. If for any reason you would like the hotspot removed, we can do this for you free of charge and return your property to the exact state we found it in.

  • Quick, simple install!

    Similar to installing a satellite dish, most installations can be completed easily in under 2 hours. We take the upmost care of your property.

Example Hotspots

Below is an example of the kind of small unobtrusive Helium Hotspots that we will install.



Rak Miner

Earn a Passive Monthly Income for Hosting a Helium Hotspot

We Are Looking for Business Owners, Homeowners, Landowners, Air B&B Hosts, Farmers, RF Radio Operators and Anybody Else Who Can Host With a Clear View of the Sky!

Join us today to connect up East Anglia and build The People’s Network to support connectivity!

• In return payment is given in cash, which can be collected or spent however you like. You can also chose to invest and receive HNT instead, the native token of helium.

• The host does very little - just provides a view of the sky, minimal amounts of power and a connection to the internet.

• All box costs and installation work is covered free of charge by Helium East.

• Running costs of the device are easily covered by its earnings (average cost of electricity will be less than £10 per year!)

• A risk free way to get extra income!


If You Are Interested In Becoming A Partner With Us And Hosting One Of Our Helium Hotspots at Zero Cost to you - Earning Yourself Passive Income - Please Get In Touch.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Helium hotspots do not connect to any devices on your network other than the WiFi router that is only used to connect our device to your network and the internet. The devices that connect to the hotspot outside of your premises (pet collars, eScooters, tracking tiles, etc.) use encrypted secure data to send signals back to the their control centres via your internet connection. None of your information or any information about your network is transmitted during this process.

No, you can cancel the hosting agreement with Helium East at any time by either speaking to your contact, or sending us an e-mail via the website, https://www.heliumeast.com

90 days after the hotspot is installed we will contact you and check you’re happy. If the earnings work for you and you are satisfied with the arrangement, the box can stay in place. If for any reason you would like the hotspot removed, we can do this for you free of charge and return your property to the exact state we found it in.

There are no hidden fees from Helium East and there is no penalty or fees of any kind to cancel. We do kindly ask you to give us 2 weeks notice so that we can allocate the device to a new host.

A Hotspot Miner only uses 5 Watts of energy, this is less than an LED lightbulb. They are very efficient devices, designed to use minimal electricity. Costs are around 3p per day and are more than met by any rewards you receive each month. Typical running costs will be around £10 per year.

Expected bandwidth is low 99.9% of the time, but can rise slightly during tasks like automatic updates – though these are infrequent and only last minutes. The cost of running the hotspot box device will be more than covered by the rewards of payment each month.

Our Helium hotspot boxes help many devices connect to the internet across the region. We provide the hotspot, complete a fully optimised installation at your property and convert the tokenized earnings to local currency. For hosting the hotspot, including power and WiFi connectivity, we share a percentage of the earnings from it with you. Results vary by location, altitude and installation. Each host gets a generous share of these monthly earnings and £50 is given after the install is completed, this is in lieu of your first payment.

We send out monthly payments to our hosts via Cash, PayPal or direct bank transfer (or you can collect HNT) on the first Monday of every month. When completing the application form please specify which option you would prefer.

One of our representatives will schedule a time with you for the hotspot installation. They will meet you onsite at your property and work with you to find the ideal placement for the box. Once the hotspot is properly installed, our partner will configure the device for you and leave things as they were.

All hotspot hosts are expected to allow our hotspots to be powered on and connected to their WiFi or wired network 24 hours a day, every day. Altitude is absolutely key to increasing the earnings of the hotspot and therefore we may require permission from you to install a small aerial on your rooftop (all costs are however covered by Helium East).

Naturally, hosts are responsible for the care of the hotspot whilst it is in their possession or on their property. If there are any problems or concerns, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist.

In the very unlikely event that any damage is caused to the hotspot and it is determined to have been caused by neglect on the host’s part, this will be assessed and replacement or repair costs could be billed to the host, up to the amount of £999.

If you decide to be paid in HNT cryptocurrency, you will earn an extra host fee each month. You will also easily be able to convert this into Bitcoin (for example) or other digital currency such as Ethereum as a future investment in the potential gains that cryptocurrency have traditionally made. Click the link below to setup your free wallet. You can also apply for a free VISA card to spend your HNT and you will get a sign-up bonus by using our link below.


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If you decide to be paid in HNT cryptocurrency, you will earn an extra hosts fee each month. Simply click the link below to setup your wallet - its free and easy! You can also apply for a free VISA card to spend your HNT and you will get a signup bonus by using our link below.

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