4 Ways to Address Climate Change with Media Sourcery

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Helium East 02/02/2022

4 Ways to Address Climate Change with Media Sourcery

Media Sourcery joins the Helium ecosystem as the newest user with real-world solutions built on The People’s Network to tackle climate change.

Last year, COP26 turned its focus to science and innovation as tangible solutions to climate resilience. The theme was an obvious choice to Media Sourcery, having worked with organizations such as the UN and Everpoint Services to introduce new climate change solutions using The People’s Network that advance labor and economic equality.

Originally founded with the goal of moving data from point A to B with security and authentication, Media Sourcery has evolved to include workflow monitoring, automation, security, and a rules engine. CEO Larry Ketchersid found success quickly in healthcare solutions that saved more than a few lives by generating notifications for patient emergencies. So while healthcare may seem like a far cry from climate change solutions, it provided the building blocks for all that Media Sourcery does today.

This brings us to climate change and four key solutions Media Sourcery is currently enabling on The People’s Network: regenerative agriculture, vegetation management, clean energy, and supply chain transparency.

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