If you Hate Shopping In-Store, Thats About to Change with Dor

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Helium East 23/01/2022

The People’s Network welcomes Dor as the newest user with brands such as Duluth Trading Co., Aaron’s, and Apricot Lane adopting Dor technology and Helium connectivity to track retailer foot traffic nationwide.

As the OG Helium community members may remember, tracking foot traffic was one of the first use cases imagined on the Network. The idea then was the same as it is now: Despite online retailers having access to a deluge of consumer data, physical retailers are stuck with rudimentary statistics. For customers, this results in a physical shopping experience that is not “smart” or personalized in any way.

True to its name, Dor helps businesses improve the customer experience with thermal sensing technology attached to storefront doors to track foot traffic. Thousands of installations nationwide help storefronts spanning industries from tech to furniture optimize marketing, staffing, and beyond. The end result? Shorter checkout lines, superior promotions, and better customer service without sacrificing privacy.

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